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Executive Director and CTO (Auckland and Abu Dhabi)

Yaser has over 20 years of experience in technology, he spent it in managing and coaching teams, designing, developing, implementing and operating ICT systems, primarily within telecommunication service provider environments in the Middle East and North Africa most notably as a Director of Emirates Telecom (Etisalat) where he was one of the leaders for the national telecom infrastructure transformation program from copper network to fibre network and from legacy technologies to IP technologies.

At First Penny he focuses on technology strategy and technology due diligence, for M&A and investment projects. He works with CTOs, CIOs and their leadership teams and Boards to conduct a strategy review, making the link with strategy, people and operations. The output from these reviews defines a high level business requirement, and a high level target architecture to achieve the business targets, enhance customer experience, develop ROI/business cases and the creation of frameworks for ICT transformation which includes vision, strategy, process, cultural changes and organization structure. 

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Currently, Yaser is a Director in a number of technology companies in New Zealand, Australia and United Arab Emirates. He is based in Auckland and directing projects in Cyber Security across different Telecom service providers, in addition to a Tele-Health solution rollout over AWS cloud in multiple countries. 

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