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First Penny Investments has recently rebranded as True Altitude.
We will be closing this website as we migrate to our new page.


First Penny Investments  seeks to be the absolute “go-to” financial partner for entrepreneurs who are building high-growth, innovation companies. The goal is to exploit a significant gap in the market for such companies which are now the primary drivers of new wealth but are surrounded by a financial industry that is not geared towards their needs. 

There is strong investor sentiment toward investing in entrepreneur-led businesses where there is real disruption and real innovation.  Increasingly innovation is occurring because the world is in the fourth industrial revolution where the boundaries between businesses are becoming less and less discrete, where there is more informal labor, the so-called gig economy, and there are a lot of shared resources.  Enabled by the power of software and its ability to not only control processes but also create meaningful insights and tools, as well as its ability to create big data entrepreneurs better understand geopolitical and macroeconomic changes and can create new disruptive innovative businesses. It is such business that have driven the vast majority of wealth creation over the past decade. Companies of this type are the prime place to be investing in over the next investment cycle.  

First Penny Investments focuses on providing and convening advisory services, financial services and funding for entrepreneur-led businesses focusing on innovation underpinned by technology.  Through state-of-the-art technology, combined with decades of business-building and investing experience, First Penny helps companies quickly determine the right path to achieve their goals, guiding them to identify their principal business pivot points and leverage the key metrics underpinning valuation to increase shareholder value.

First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680 and is a member of The Entrepreneurs Group