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First Penny Investments has recently rebranded as True Altitude.
We will be closing this website as we migrate to our new page.


Our services focus on our clients’ critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across industries and geographies.

Board Advisory

Principals of First Penny serve as Board level advisors or Board Directors for a number of high growth companies and address issues including: 

Capital Strategy 

Marketing Plans

Bus Dev Strategy

Operational Strategy

HR Plans

Market Entry Strategy

Market expansion

Technology & IP Plans

Capital Strategy

Business model transformation


ICO Strategy

Founder transition


Exit Strategy

Business Plans

Growth Strategy

Capital Raising

First Penny has developed an extensive global network of angel investors, small institutions, venture funds, family offices (including those of its Principals) and corporate investment arms. First Penny has evolved a business model that suits the needs of these investors and corporations.

Financial and Capital Strategy

Many earlier stage clients are not familiar with the options for funding a high growth business. First Penny aids these clients by providing them with a financial strategy customized to their needs that addresses the full range of debt, equity and token offerings.

Funds Management

First Penny Has a number of Funds Management offerings in its extended family of companies. See our keiretsu [and link to the new our keiretsu page]


Mergers & Acquisition

First Penny has considerable experience as a Mergers & Acquisitions advisor. It seeks to unlock the one plus one equals three value that is more often than not lost in such transactions through poor target section, unclear integration plans and underestimating and thus underplanting for the cultural challenge. Through its extensive network and experience, it can assist particularly to select, find and capture the right targets.

Due Diligence

Typically, a client engages First Penny for its due diligence services because the client is in making an investment or an acquisition. But clients sometimes engage First Penny for its due diligence services not because of an investment but rather as a means to examine or audit their own operations using the due diligence process to identify problem areas.


Strategic Business Development

First Penny also provides “hands-on” business development advisory and market entry services to increase client’s revenues, market position and valuation. Typical business development advisory project work ranges from closing first “referenceable” sales prospects, closing key sales, channel, marketing or technology partnerships, advising senior management to designing and implementing developer programs.


Strategic Marketing

Peter Drucker once wrote, “A business has two…and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results: all the rest are costs.” First Penny introduces innovation to marketing, in as cost-effective way as possible, to ensures that its clients enjoy: “The right communications, reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons, incurring the right costs, to produce the right results, recognized with the right evaluation, to thereby amend what may not be right!”.


Human Resource Strategy

Building a successful organisation and maintaining it requires skills. Selecting and developing those skills, over time, within the context of the structures of people which make up an organisation, itself requires skill. The challenge could be a ‘job analysis’ which links organizational entities to business objectives; the ‘recruitment and selection’ processes which fill those entities; the ‘skills development’ program that ensures skills are enhanced as required; or linking the evaluation of culture and structures with their ‘organisational development’; or any of the other ‘people in business’ related issues. Whatever your people-related challenges, First Penny has the people skills to identify the issues, recommend the answers and, if required, implement them.

Technology Licensing

Sometimes a company wants to license its technology to others rather than to manufacture and sell products to others. Patented technologies and digital media properties are often appropriate for this kind of commercialization. First Penny has team members with decades of experience in licensing the technology and digital media both domestically and internationally.

Technology and Product Strategy and Development

First Penny also provides advisory services to technology clients to analyse and improve their existing technology and product strategies.  It also helps with the implementation of formal Product Roadmaps.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Many high technology companies defer protection of intellectual property rights for too long and neglect fundamental protections. Many needlessly abandon key intellectual property protection due to ignorance- often costing the company dearly in terms of competitive edge and valuation. First Penny examines and audits the client’s situation and helps it to organize a comprehensive intellectual property strategy that will meet its needs.


First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680 and is a member of The Entrepreneurs Group

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