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Head of Client Services (Byron Bay)

Richard has enjoyed careers, as both a marketing and HR senior executive, along with periods as an analyst, academic and technologist.

Richard formed Interactive Logic, in Perth, Western Australia, one of the first interactive media companies in Australia. Interactive Logic achieved notable international industry success and was the first company, of its type, to be sold to an international buyer. Richard cofounded with Michael Gale the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association and was inaugural president for its first two years, during which he raised in excess of $120m to develop the interactive industry in Australia. After AIMIA Richard became the London based  the CEO of an Omnicom company, which he developed into the largest digital marketing company in Europe. In this role, Richard also had responsibility for all of the twenty-seven Omnicom agency projects, around the world, for Novartis, the world’s second-largest drug company. Richard’s industry contribution continued in the UK as a member of the board of BIMA, AIMIA’s equivalent, where he was the Chief Judge of the 2001 British Interactive Awards. 

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Mixed in with these global journeys was a period as the chief futurist for Fujitsu, Asia-Pacific. Richard also employed his marketing flare for “The Hunger Project”, creating a more measured profile and funds raised for the project than any other of one hundred and thirty cities, worldwide. These same skills were then employed, on returning to Australia, in setting new levels of marketing competence in the commercial real estate industry, when Richard formed teams of professionals to win major large inner-city renewal projects for both a Rothchild’s and Grollo consortia. In recent times Richard has been heavily involved in three text-analytics companies as both marketing executive and analyst. Richard is based in Bangkok

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