First Penny is part of a family of companies that share many connections including overlapping ownership. The companies are;


First Penny Investments  which is a boutique investment bank with a small footprint in Australia, the UAE and Switzerland that helps companies and their investors  accelerate growth and pivot globally.


Funds Management

Decisive Capital  a new technology venture fund focused on mid-stage rounds for high growth entrepreneur-led companies

Intercontinental VC   which is an investment company focused on China-Australia cross border education and agriculture assets.

MPP Fund which is a small “friends of court” fund for our team, partners, and clients to invest in First Penny opportunities

As well as the companies in our keiretsu First Penny has a number of formal partnerships with other firms. 

More details can be seen on our Partners page

First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680