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Strategic Project Manager (Sydney)

Nicola has had a career in the global media industry starting out working for BBC Radio in London before moving to BBC Television as a Network Director.  She then moved to Rome to be part of the core team launching  the world's first fully digital TV network, Orbit Communications, owned and funded by the Saudis.  This was a Satellite platform transmitting international programming into the Middle East, Nth Africa and Asia.  Nicola then worked with BSkyB (Sky TV) in London where she managed the roll out of the first Digital Platform, High Definition and Video on Demand initiatives.


In 2012, Nicola moved to Australia to transition Foxtel to digital workflows across the whole organisation as well as manage the implementation of an advanced predictive advertising solution to maximise viewer reach. Most recently, Nicola has worked with Channel Nine to manage the implementation of an automated, predictive advertising platform, alongside managing the technical and operational merge of NBN, Fairfax Media and Macquarie Radio with Channel Nine.

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Nicola is passionate about functional medicine and the influence of gut health on overall human health. Nicola also has an avid interest in understanding the issue of homelessness and has set up and runs a weekly "Homies Breakfast" in the City of Sydney for around 50-100 homeless people. Her weekly highlight is now a 4.30am Saturday morning start to see the genuine friends she has now made with many of the homeless people who regularly use this service.  

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