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CEO (Byron Bay)

Michael is based in Byron Bay, Australia and has over 40 years of business, investment and managerial experience globally.

At First Penny he focuses on Board Advisory work and in particular capital strategy. He is also often the lead on Strategic Business Development.

Michael had his first entrepreneurial venture in 1978 and in the early 1980s he entered the nascent PC industry and grew with it first from Australia into Asia before becoming part of the leadership team at Macromedia which listed on the NASDAQ in 1993 and was later acquired by Adobe. He then built a multimedia publishing business in San Francisco and was the publisher of the Apple CD-ROM Collection. 

From 1995 through 2013 Michael worked as an investment banker, venture capitalist and served on multiple Boards while helping to steer over 100 growth companies. During this time, he was based in San Francisco, New York and Melbourne. Between 2013 and 2017 Michael split his time between Zürich and Abu Dhabi building an Islamic financial services firm specialised in wealth management for Ultra High Net Worth individuals and shariah compliant estate planning and succession.

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Michael moved to Australia in late 2017 and founded First Penny with Yaser Mansour before being joined in the founding team by Amy Swartz and Jerry Brooks.

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