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Associate (Byron Bay)

Dylan came into First Penny after buy-side analysis in private equity. He worked as a private equity analyst at Australia’s second search fund. Prior to that, he helped run the seed funding arm of the Bond University business accelerator. He is a Level II Candidate in the CFA Program and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Finance Major from Bond University.


Dylan has worked around SME and growing enterprises for his entire career. His first job was in sales and lead research at a start-up. He consulted with various entrepreneur-led start-ups, which ultimately led to his role in the management of Transformer Launchpad: a program aimed at providing seed funding to start-ups in the Bond University community. Meanwhile, he successfully revived the Bond Student-Managed Fund and as chief, oversaw a dizzying period of relationship development, headcount expansion and asset allocation. He has run his own consulting business and has successfully implemented a payroll system automation at a rapidly expanding company.

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Dylan brings his technical and financial knowledge to First Penny Investments, as well as his buy-side experience, his passion for growth and strategic eye.

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