About Us

First Penny Investments is an advisory firm in the merchant banking tradition. It was founded in Australia and has a global footprint that maximizes the potential of its emerging and high growth companies through the execution of business and capital strategy, the forming of strategic relationships and the pursuit of an optimal shareholder exit. First Penny has operations throughout Australia and New Zealand and is present in Switzerland, the UAE, the United Kingdom and China.

First Penny also assists investors to select companies and technologies into which they should invest, helping to complete due diligence and assisting in the negotiation of the right terms of investment followed by acting as advisors to the investee so as to drive growth and performance.

First Penny team members and associates form the nucleus of operations for international companies seeking a foothold in the Asia Pacific region, through strategic partnerships and joint ventures, key channel relationships and the assembling of A-grade teams.

Our team brings holistic, functional expertise to your investment planning. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

We are one of Australia’s leading investment consulting firms, where experience, bold thinking, and a passion for results come together for extraordinary impact.

First Penny is helping to transform high-impact, emerging businesses into vigorous, agile organizations that deliver. And our clients are defining the future.

First Penny Investments Pty Ltd is the authorised representative of AFSL License number 230680